Scavia is today one of the great families of Italian luxury. It stands out for its extraordinary artisan expertise and highly recognisable style acquired in more than a century at the forefront of the international jewellery world.

A piece of Scavia jewellery is, first and foremost, an idea, followed by the technical perfection required to make it and, lastly, the extraordinary materials used to bring it to life. Each jewel is conceived and designed by Fulvio Maria Scavia. Therefore no piece can ever be like any other. Shape, material, and colour combine in a new way each time to tell a story that is always absolutely unique.

The origins of Fulvio Maria Scavia’s success as a multi award-winning designer-jeweller and goldsmith reach back to the small goldsmith’s workshop established by Domenico Scavia in Milan in 1923. Over the years, this resolutely Italian name has risen to a pre-eminent position in the international world of fine jewellery.

Through his own long and illustrious career, Fulvio Scavia has combined aesthetic research with ancient jewellery crafts and nature’s most precious resources. He works in his Milan atelier, alongside a team of goldsmiths, creating jewels to stand the test of time and enrich the mystique of the feminine ideal he considers his muse.

“Gold is my favourite raw material, perfect for moulding all jewellery creations. The art of the goldsmith reached across centuries, embossing and shaping creativity and intelligence, so that each jewel possesses a rich soul, and becomes a witness to a great Italian tradition. The great charm of the hand-made jewel lies in the fact that it has passed through the hands of someone who has left his mark on his work; each moment of creation is unique.


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