We all have our 24 carats. Only each of us has them apportioned differently.

Sophia distinguishes herself by her ability to make every single carat of herself shine; glowing with love, radiating with class, shining with care, and gleaming with passion for life. What makes Sophia unique is her unwavering will to make all things in her sphere beautiful and purposeful; her family reflects her love, her philanthropy mirrors her beliefs, and her career projects her alluring beauty.

Why UAE?

“Being a citizen of the world, I always knew the futility of geographical boundaries. My loving husband is a wonderful man who proved himself able to realize his dreams with little regard to conventional limitations. As a family, we longed for an oasis of aspirations where the word impossible doesn’t exist, where human potential is celebrated and realized every day; a home where our children can be at the center of the world. For me, UAE is where we can all be creators of a harmonious universal future.”

Scavia and I

“The wonderous pieces of Scavia speak to me in the universal language of beauty, and I am delighted to share their powerful message of beauty and love.”

Sophia Makramati